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Wood is a key part of our life

For forty years, we’ve carefully, skilfully, and creatively worked with wood. We understand its essence, properties, and all the ways it can be used. Just like a strong and healthy tree, we’ve put down roots in fertile territory – in the Ladin region where there is a strong tradition of craftsmanship.

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When we moved from Antermoia to San Martino in Badia, where craftsmanship remains strong, we expanded our activities from producing tailor-made furniture to building and refurbishing whole homes, working with other local companies using carefully-selected raw materials.

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As we’ve expanded, we’ve also added to our collection of high-precision tools, such as the five-axis CNC production centre. We’re now one of the most in demand carpentry companies when it comes to producing and supplying rustic or modern wooden furnishings for restaurants, hotels, and private homes.

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In 2008 we installed a 54-Kw solar panel to cover a significant chunk of our energy needs. The care with which we treat the environment we live in must match the care with which we treat the wood we work with.

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Badia Furniture Hotels and Hospitality


We’ve left our mark throughout the Ladin region and beyond, showcasing our skills and professionalism.

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Whether a newbuild or a refurbished property, we can bring the quality and elegance of wood to your home.

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